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Pregnancy Care at
Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

hands on pregnant belly for adjustmentWhen you’re pregnant you should be able to enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy, free of discomfort. At Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we provide safe and natural prenatal chiropractic care that allows you to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy.

The Focus of Our Care

Dr. Ada rarely adjusts in the mid to lower back region. Instead, the main areas that she addresses are as follows: the whole pelvic girdle, the hip, the pubic bones, the upper back and the neck, because those are the areas that suffer the most during pregnancy because of relaxin.

That hormone relaxes all the joints and ligaments. “It’s my job to keep the muscles activated so that a pregnant woman’s body can maintain the adjustments and she can hold her body up through pregnancy,” said Dr. Ada.

During pregnancy, a woman’s joints are much less stable because of all the hormones. To make Mom more comfortable, we use a pregnancy pillow that has a hole inside, so they’re able to lie face down to accommodate the pregnant belly. We use a drop table. Dr. Ada mainly focuses on just the neurological and structural balance of the upper back neck and the pelvic girdle. ??Most chiropractors are not Webster certified, but Dr. Ada is certified in this technique. “It’s been a godsend for so many women because carrying the baby through gestation is just so much more comfortable because we’re checking the different ligaments of the pelvic girdle,” she said.

In addition to getting chiropractic care, eating healthily is also vital during pregnancy. We offer nutritional advice throughout pregnancy. Postpartum moms will then come in bringing their baby. Dr. Ada will sit down and do a nutritional consult. She’ll ask questions such as

What are you eating?

What kind of supplements are you taking?

We want to make sure the mom is doing what’s best for her and the nutrition of her baby.

What Are Some Benefits?

Probably the most common feedback we get from moms are, “Oh my gosh, my delivery was so much better,” especially if they’ve been pregnant before.

Chiropractic care also can speed up labor time because neurologically the body’s already been communicating with the brain and vice versa.

Helps During the Postpartum Period??If your body has been aligned throughout your entire pregnancy, the likelihood of your body being able to recover postpartum is much better. One of the things that we’ve been seeing a lot lately is postpartum depression. If your brain and body can communicate effectively throughout pregnancy and postpartum, that’s going to help alleviate that feeling of postpartum depression.

You also will experience a lot more energy, which you will need to keep up with your baby!

How Baby My Can Benefit?

The babies whose mothers were adjusted through pregnancy are calmer. They hit their milestones better and develop so much more. They only cry when they’re hungry and they need to poop. They’re, they’re what babies are supposed to be, as opposed to just agitated and crying all the time.

When it comes to maternity, we mostly focus on just the structural balance of the hips so that the baby is able to develop in utero a lot better, and the baby has room to grow. It gives the mother a much more comfortable pregnancy.

How often should I come in for care?

It depends on what’s going on but ideally, we like to see you once a week. Some of our mothers that were already under chiropractic care previous to pregnancy are usually coming in once a week or once every other week. Usually, toward the end of pregnancy, pregnant women will come in up to two times a week that last month.

We do have some moms-to-be who in the beginning, come in three times a week because they’re having extreme sciatic pain or neck pain for example.

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