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About Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Mom and girl making hearts with handsWhether you’re a young parent who could use more energy or an active senior seeking to maintain function we are here to help you! Dr. Ada Suter wants to help practice members of all ages be healthy from the inside out versus subscribing to the medical model of outside-in approaches.

She has been practicing in her current location since 2017.

Our Mission and More

Our mission is to provide Hampstead and the surrounding community with high-quality affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment.

Our goal is to not only alleviate pain but more importantly, inspire and educate our patients to be active participants in their own well-being.

Every person carries the inborn potential to be truly healthy. Our mission and purpose are to help you activate the innate “God-given” healing response, the natural ability your body has to heal itself so that you too can carry out your life’s mission and purpose in abundance.

We feel blessed and called to serve others. We desire to correct the cause, not its effect, to free rather than to control and to assist rather than to intrude.

Our approach is a holistic one whereby we treat the entire person, not just their symptoms. To this end, we will empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to choose optimal health solutions for yourself and your family.

Our purpose is to perform our work using the highest ethics, integrity and professional standards, never ceasing to improve our services at every level.

The Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

“As a chiropractor I want practice members to know about their inborn ability to heal,” said Dr. Ada. She will get to the root cause versus masking your symptoms. When interference in the nervous system is removed the body can heal and function as it was intended to.

A Welcoming Oasis

It’s likely that most of the other healthcare offices you’ve been to felt cold and clinical versus warm and welcoming. In our friendly and lively space you’ll know you’ve come to the right place to get the natural care you need. We see lots of active children of all ages. Parents can know that their kids can be kids and not have to worry about being quiet when they’re here.

A Patient Success Story

An 18-month-old little girl named Riley was brought to Dr. Ada by the girls’ mother. Riley was the size of a 6-month old. She had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck in her mom’s belly. Riley spent over 100 days in the ICU. Her mother was told that Riley wasn’t going to hit all her normal milestones.

The family was living in Connecticut at the time and Riley had started seeing a chiropractor there. However, that chiropractor wasn’t well versed on how to take care of children let alone what was going on with Riley. When the family moved to our area, they found us. Dr. Ada provided chiropractic care for Riley for a period of _________.

Riley is now an active 5-year-old and she walks, runs, rides her tricycle and stands on our vibe machine. The little girl is also a little bit more verbal. Although she had scoliosis and torticollis, now Riley can hold her head up straighter. “She’s come so far, and it’s been incredible to see her growth. Caring for Riley has made me be a better chiropractor,” said Dr. Ada.

Offering Pediatric & Pregnancy Care

The positive results Dr. Ada got from caring for Riley compelled her to join the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association (ICPA) and then take the necessary courses to get certification in maternity and pediatrics.

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