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Pediatric Care at
Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Ada with a little babyFrom a newborn up to an 18-year-old, the body is still growing. It’s still adapting to the new environment that they’ve been born into. Every parent wants their infant or toddler to adapt as best as possible. The only way the body can adapt is when the brain is able to send the proper signals to the body and vice versa. As long as there’s that flow of above, down, inside out, the body will adapt as best as possible.

The reason we choose to treat children at Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness is it’s easier to grow healthy kids than fix broken adults. If you’re able to help the body heal and adapt at that early age, kids will grow and heal and be healthier adults.

The Problem With Nervous System Interference

If there is interference with the body’s ability to send signals up and down the spine and out through the body, that leads to health issues. If you go to a medical doctor, they either won’t find out what’s wrong, or they will recommend putting your child on various medications.

As these come with side effects, most parents don’t want to do that, or they think that’s the only option out there. “I want to let parents know that their child’s body can heal. We just need to determine what’s keeping it from doing so perfectly,” said Dr. Ada.

“I tell parents that we want to set your child up for success. And one of the best ways to do it is to make sure that their brain and body can communicate at this early age and that way they develop as healthy as possible,” said Dr. Ada.

After a little one gets their first adjustment, Dr. Ada always call Mom or Dad afterward and always hear statements like

“They finally pooped!”

“They slept through the night, thank goodness.”

“Their ear infection cleared up a lot quicker than it did before.”

Before you bring your child in

If you’re bringing in an infant, please change their diaper and make sure that they try to have a nap first. You can either schedule the appointment during or after a nap. We also ask that you feed your baby beforehand so that the baby’s more comfortable.

Paperwork and any imaging

There is no additional paperwork except for the new patient paperwork, but if there is a specific condition that the child has been diagnosed with, we ask that you bring in any doctors’ notes or any other imaging from other health care providers. Any extra information like that helps Dr. Ada to have a better understanding of what’s been done or what’s been looked at. She can then determine how we can play a role in your child’s care.

The First Visit

For toddlers or younger kiddos, we recommend that they bring in their favorite toys or blanket. We don’t allow electronics in the office, but your little one can bring in their favorite doll, Teddy bear or something that comforts them.

When your child comes in we will give them a tour of the office.

Next is the exam. For infants and toddlers that aren’t fully standing yet, Dr. Ada will perform a full neurological exam, so it may or may not be similar to what they would get at a pediatric office. We will go through at least 20 different tests quickly. Dr. Ada will check the following:

  • Eyes
  • Tongue for a tongue-tie and mouth for a lip-tie
  • Color of their skin
  • The shape of their head
  • Tracking eye movement
  • Reflexes (including primitive depending on their age range)

Dr. Ada then will determine if your child needs to be adjusted; she typically will adjust that day.

The Second Visit

This appointment is typically 2-3 days after the first one. Usually, Dr. Ada will have called the parents before this visit to see how their child did after their first adjustment. Based on their feedback, she’ll know what to look for and how best to adjust during this appointment.

The Third Visit

During this visit, Dr. Ada will go over her report of findings, including X-rays. She doesn’t take X-rays on infants but toddlers.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

Yes, very! Unlike medication, which is often accompanied by serious side effects, chiropractic care is completely natural.
How do you put kids at ease?

One of the ways we help children feel at ease is by “adjusting” their stuffed animals, action figures and even fire trucks!
How do you adjust kids?

As Dr. Ada mainly uses manual adjusting, typically she uses Diversified or Thompson. She also may use a little bit of a drop table depending on how big your child is. Dr. Ada will see how your child responds to care and adjust accordingly.

For example, some kids can handle a manual adjustment, while others prefer using the Activator®. Rest assured that whatever technique Dr. Ada uses she adjusts children gently.

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