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Chiropractic Care

neck adjustment on femaile patientChiropractic is designed to reduce the interference between your brain’s ability to communicate with the body. “As a chiropractor, my job is to find out why your body isn’t functioning at 100 percent. If there’s interference in the nerve system, that’s caused by a subluxation, my job is to reduce or remove subluxation so that your brain can communicate with your body and vice versa-so that your body can tell your brain what it needs,” said Dr. Ada.

What Are Some Benefits?

There is a broad array of benefits associated with chiropractic care. This form of natural care can address the following:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Ear infections
  • Allergies
  • Chronic infections
  • Sleep problems
  • Mental health challenges
  • Focus issues

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being under chiropractic care is it can boost the immune system so your body can be as healthy as possible.

5 Ways We Approach Care


We first look at the structure of your spinal column that protects your spinal cord and your nerve system. If your spinal column is aligned and positioned in the best place possible, it allows very little to no interference of that nerve system transmission from the brain to the body.

Pure and simple nutrition

Most of what you find at the grocery store isn’t real food but instead food-like products that contain multisyllabic ingredients. It’s vital to fuel your body with real whole foods. We will ask you what you are and aren’t eating. It’s important for us to know that because for your nervous system to fire like it’s supposed to you need to eat real food not processed “food.”


What is your mindset like? Do you genuinely want to heal? There are some people who want to be out of pain, but they don’t want to heal, so we help you understand the difference between them. We also offer workshops to help teach you how to better take care of yourself. “I’m a firm believer if you know better, I pray that you do better,” said Dr. Ada.


Did you know that a simple movement of the spine dictates your brain activity? We want to know what your activity level is. Do you take walks? Do you exercise? Are you a couch potato? What is your level of activity? Exercise is essential because for you to hold your adjustments, you need to move! Your muscles need to be strong enough to hold your spine in the best position possible.

Minimizing toxins

Many people are awash in toxins. From cleaning products in their home to personal care items that they slather on their body, to the pots and pans that they cook with, it’s no wonder that so many people are exposed to many chemicals daily.

When you minimize your toxicity load or detoxify years of an overabundance of toxins in your body, your brain will be able to appropriately send those signals to your body so that you can heal and function.

So when we address these five areas your body will get better.

At our practice we provide two types of care:

Corrective Care – During this phase of care, the objective is to get your spine’s structure strong again. We also will address nutrition in the beginning so that we can get your body moving in the right direction. This phase of care typically lasts 4-6 months. Then you would graduate to wellness care.

Wellness Care – By this phase, your spine will continue to improve structure-wise and heal. Your visits will be less frequent. Wellness care is similar to wearing a retainer after you get your braces off. The retainer helps keep your teeth aligned and getting your spine checked regularly will keep it aligned too!

We primarily use Diversified with Drop Table (Thompson Technique) to restore the structure of the spine. The other methods we use include the following:

Activator Methods® – This instrument is used to deliver a gentle and precise adjustment. We mainly use it on our older patients because there are significant degeneration, wear and tear and arthritic changes to their spines. Activator Methods is very gentle so it’s an excellent alternative for those who can’t have a manual adjustment.

The method is also ideal for children.

ArthroStim – This method also uses a handheld tool to provide a very fast yet highly gentle adjustment.

We also provide pre- and post-exercises to help warm up and mold the spine.

What will an adjustment feel like?

You likely will feel many things. You may feel like the light switch has just turned on. You might feel a little sore like you would after a workout at the gym. Please know that this is normal because those muscles are now awake and they’re trying to support your body. You also may not feel anything. Every practice member will respond differently.
I don't want my neck manually adjusted. Can you use an instrument?

Yes, we understand that some patients don’t want their neck manually adjusted. In those cases, we can use the Activator, which provides a gentle and effective adjustment.
What is the benefit of coming in for preventative care?

Just like taking your car in to get it serviced at recommended intervals can help keep it running well so you can avoid expensive repairs down the road, getting adjusted can help keep you healthy.

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