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New Practice Members at
Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Welcome to Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness! At our friendly and lively practice, you’ll quickly know you’re not in a conventional medical office. Our space is warm and cheerful not cold or clinical. Our new patient process is designed to be pleasant and seamless.


As soon as you make your appointment, we will send you an email with all of the new patient paperwork to complete. Please fill it out beforehand because we won’t be able to see you if it’s not completed.

What to wear

Since we will be taking X-rays that day please wear minimum jewelry and comfortable clothes-nothing that is too restrictive.

If you’re bringing your kids

To help ensure your child has a positive visit, please make sure they have a nap or be fed or changed prior to their appointment. Doing so will help them be calmer and have a more pleasant visit. If your toddler has a favorite toy, blanket or book, we encourage you to bring that in to help them feel more at ease.

During this first appointment, Dr. Ada will get to know you and build a rapport with you. This visit also will help you make sure that our office is the right place for you. She also will have a consultation with you and perform a comprehensive exam. Please allow an hour to an hour and 15 minutes for this initial appointment.

At this visit, Dr. Ada will sit down with you and briefly go over what subluxation is and how it’s having an effect on your body. She also will let you know what she found from the exams and X-rays and then will give you your first chiropractic adjustment. Please reserve 20-30 minutes for this appointment.

This visit is the report of findings appointment. We will show you how to read X-rays and talk to you about what holistic healing is. Dr. Ada also will present her proposed care plan to you. You will be informed of the cost of your care.

Our chiropractic assistant will review financial information with you. We take Medicare. You also can use your HSA or FSA to pay for your care. (You will want to ask if you can use your funds for chiropractic care). ChiroHealthUSA is accepted here as well.

We always provide a superbill in the beginning for you to see if you can recoup any insurance payments.

Discounts are offered to the following:

  • Military
  • Firefighters
  • Police

  • EMS
  • Clergy or church employees

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